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Kadar Kreatinin Terhadap Protein Urin Pada Pasien Unit Laboratorium Kesehatan

Abstract: Correlated between Protein Urine Creatinine Levels In Patients Health Laboratory Unit. This study aims to determine the levels of creatinine in urine protein in patients who visited the Provincial Health Laboratory Unit of West Kalimantan. Research methods and approaches using descriptive analytic cross sectional. Based on the research found an average serum creatinine of 35 samples in this study, is equal to 0.62 mg / dl. Obtained a negative urine protein levels were 23 samples with a percentage of 65.7% and protein was positive in 12 samples with a percentage of 34.3%. The results showed no signifcant correlation between the levels of creatinine in urine protein.

Abstrak : Hubungan Kadar Kreatinin Dengan Protein Urin Pada Pasien Unit Laboratorium Kesehatan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kadar kreatinin dengan protein urin pada pasien yang berkunjung ke Unit Laboratorium Kesehatan Provinsi Kalimantan Barat. Metode penelitian menggunakan deskriptif analitik dan pendekatan Cross sectional. Berdasarkan penelitian didapatkan rata-rata kadar kreatinin dari 35 sampel pada penelitian ini, yaitu sebesar 0,62 mg/dl. Didapatkan kadar protein urin yang negatif sebanyak 23 sampel dengan persentase 65,7% dan protein yang positif sebanyak 12 sampel dengan persentase 34,3%. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan tidak ada hubungan yang bermakna antara kadar kreatinin dengan protein urin.

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